The services Porto di Trieste Servizi S.r.l. provides are:

All the services, as commisioned or indicated by Port Authority, needed to maintain and manage port infrastructures (Port Authority infrastructures or public infrastructures);
Services demanded for the developing of the Port of Trieste, directed to the Port Authority and port workers in its totality;
Special services demanded and directed to Port Authority;
The possibility to develop, research, call for feasibility studies, preliminary plan and executive projects linked or linkable to activies done or to be done in the Port area..

More specifically, the company provides these services:

  • Water supply service: management and ordinary maintenance of port water supply, drinkable water forniture to dealers and ships, fire-fighter waterworks, drip pan and dranaige maintenance;
  • Electrical system service: management and ordinary maintenance of electricity supply service and public areas lightnings;
  • Ordinary maintenance service: technological systems, plants and buildings management, in particular port infrastructures, public buildings technological plants, buildings and storages and fences, in addition to the head office building of Port Authority;
  • Traffic officer service: commercial and private road circulation management inside the harbour, internal transport to port areas for port workers;
  • Unlimited transit permit for international truck parking in accordance to current laws and gate support;
  • Technological and appliance services: ICT and phone plants, connettivity and web security, satellite system for fixed assets, as stated by current laws;
  • Janitor services in head office building of Port Authority
  • Support services for A.d.S.P. M.A.O.– Port of Trieste, for ambiental service, projects and infrastructure management and quality, linked to the moving of the free VAT zones of the coast. This support will be time after time commisioned by Port Authority of Trieste as a necessity for the enlargement of Port district due to reforming law.